Creator of Apple's death, he was the Steven Paul Jobs

New York - Steven Paul Jobs or better known as Steve Jobs is a drop out who started his research aided by a friend of his lectures Steve Wozniack, he designed a simple computer that has the ability to interact with its users, or more popular with the "mouse".


Steve Jobs is a billionaire at age 25 years because of his talent is. Besides known as a computer scientist Steve Jobs is also a gifted conductor and orchestra are brilliant. Apple founder of Incorporation is running the company like a conductor. Steve Jobs exceptional in recruiting great talent and great.

Steve Jobs never want to be called as a manager, she want to be called as a leader. With his hand, he was able to create a company with great people in it.

Jobs announced his resignation as CEO of Apple in August last. Health became the main reason of resignation Jobs. Despite the retreat, Jobs promised will continue to contribute his thoughts to Apple. But now he has truly left his fans at age 56.

During the early days at Apple, before finally being forced out in 1985, Jobs renowned as the leader of the famous light hand, concerned with detail, often cursing coworkers But then, first at Pixar, the computer animation studio founded, including while on duty at Apple for the second time, he relied more on other people, listening more members and believes the design team and business.

At Pixar, with a solid leadership team, the studio has never stopped beating, and continue to generate a critical hit almost all of whom recognized success commercial, including "Finding Nemo" and "Wall-E,". This happened when Jobs returned to Apple.

At Apple, Jobs is the supreme arbiter on the product. For example, three prototypes were completed during one year of the iPhone. The first two failed to meet the standard version of Jobs. The third prototype gets a nod, and the iPhone was launched in June 2007.


Besides iPhone, Apple is also famous for its launch of the iPod, iPad and Macbook.

People Walking In the Apple Building

Duo Steve, the Inventor