Something that is not liked by David Beckham

Do you know what is the most hated David Beckham?

Actually always difficult to leave my family. Moreover, I have a daughter aged two weeks. Leaving the kids and my wife, it is very difficult.
- David Beckham

As quoted some time ago, Beckham admitted hate when He have to live far away with his wife, Victoria Beckham, and four of their children in a long time.

But, inevitably Beckham should do it. His career as a football player being required him to undergo professional match should he does with the team.

"It's always hard to leave my family. Leaving the children and my wife, it is very difficult. I can not wait to go back to guard and kiss them," he said. For two weeks, Beckham will miss the days without his family. He also claimed to be experiencing the longest days of the week.

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