Shakira - Pique split?

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Barcelona's Gerard Pique relationship with the world's top singers, Shakira, reportedly estranged, due to Shakira's busy schedule in the world with artist

Shakira is a lot busy with concert tours, recording albums and various other promotional activities. As a result they rarely meet, much less pique also have to focus a career as a tough defender in the world with the team catalan and Spanish national team.

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Age far adrift between Shakira with Pique, and shelter are both a trigger. But in a twitter account, Shakira dismissed the issue about her and Pique. She said the relationship with Pique was still fine and she prayed for pique and the Spanish national team.

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Rodrigu Beltran, Shakira agency, also explained that the rumor was not true. "Completely false. They are still dating and fine," said Bertran told Efe.

On the other hand, the family did not take Pique using on outstanding issues. Even they (Pique's family) plans to buy a private box or a special room at the Nou Camp Barcelona headquarters. The purpose is Shakira was more free time watching a compete Pique.

Shakira know Pique in 2010
Pique-Shakira relationship has risen to the surface since March of this year via Twitter and Facebook accounts owned by Shakira. Since then, they often seem intimate even pique ever danced on stage with Shakira at the concert.

They started early introduction of the carpet world cup 2010 in Africa, where Pique, was involved as a video model "Waka waka" which is the soundtrack of the world Cup 2010, which was sung by Shakira.

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Pique danced on stage with Shakira

Pique was involved as a video model "Waka waka" which is the soundtrack of the world Cup 2010