Barack Obama in His Daily Lifes

  Barack Obama Explain His Pidato

President Barack Obama's Pidato talking about many subjects such as unemployment, the economy, a proposed government spending freeze, education, tax cuts/incentives for small businesses, health care, Haiti and gay rights among others. He gets applause from the audience.

Barack Obama - Explain The Topic Slowly and Clearly

 Barack Obama - Listening Respon From The Audience

Barack Obama Gets Applause From the Audience

Barack Obama Explain The Pidato With Full Spirit

Barack Obama - Great Pose with His Nice Smile

Barack Obama - Enjoy The Beautiful Momenth By Seeing Arround

 Barack Obama Care with Black Skin Group "no rasisme"

Barack Obama Riding Bike

Barack Obama Riding bike by wearing Tacky helmet, washed-out high-rise jeans, and multi-colored running shoes, and a pair of non-aerodynamic shades. It Show that He is very low profile person although he is an American President

Barack Obama On Vacation With Her Beloved Family

Barack Obama - Care With His Family in Any Situation

 Barack Obama - Kiss His Daughter

 Barack Obama - Perfect Family