Justin Bieber recently underwent DNA tests to prove his innocence

Justin Bieber Innocence Proves Himself By Undergo DNA Tests

Justin Bieber admitted he was not the father of a baby boy from Mariah Yeater which is one of the fans

Manager Justin Bieber, Braun, confirmed if it had to be done so that no more people who want to destroy careers with arbitrarily Bieber.

"He (Justin Bieber) is ready to undergo the test at any time, and we scheduled tomorrow (Friday). We have not been met with legal counsel (Mariah Yeater), but we want to continue this case until completion. We think it is important to show them how it should behave, "said Scooter Braun on Thursday (17/18) ago.

Bieber wanted to prove the charges it receives is simply not true

"Just because there is that does that, we do not want everyone to think that it's okay they do the same thing, like saying 'I gave birth to a baby Justin. Justin is actually the father of my child. I'm pregnant'. I will soon prove it," said Bieber.

Tiny baby who was rumored to be the result of this act named Justin Yeater Markhouse Tristyn Anthony.