Brad Pitt: My statement about Jennifer misinterpreted


Still remember about the statement about the life of Brad Pitt's marriage to Jennifer Aniston? In an interview, the star's Inglorious Basterds comment on his marriage to Aniston's life is not interesting. Although he later clarified his statement, public sympathy is not already. What about your own Aniston?

A few days after the statement about his marriage with Aniston Pitt Parade magazine released, the press desperately chasing reaction from romantic comedy stars Just Go With It's. Unfortunately, Aniston is not available for comment. Though his photographs of pre-Pitt's scattered statements on the Internet.

When out of his apartment with her boyfriend, Justin Theroux, he declined to comment, merely smiled. At that time he and Theroux - they met while filming with Horrible Bosses - will attend the launch of the clothing line's stylist Jen.

A day later, the couple returned the camera caught a walk in the afternoon. Wearing matching black dress, Aniston and Theroux was not goaded reporters and photographers statement. It was obvious that Courtney Cox's best friend refused to let the issue bother him.

The flurry of media chasing Aniston's response associated with the statement by Pitt in Parade about the life of her marriage to Aniston. At that time, the main actor of The Three of Life, said that his marriage to Aniston is not attractive.

Pitt himself, immediately clarify his statement when the Parade interview excerpts released by the couple Angelina Jolie's life. In clarification Pitt propagated by his agent, he did not mean to blame Aniston thereof. Pitt insisted, his statement had been misinterpreted.

"It's kinda sad when my statement be misconstrued like that," he wrote as reported Aceshowbiz. "Jen was her generous, loving and humorous that will still be my friend. Our relationship is important and always appreciated. I Show the point is not trying to say Jen is boring, but I became bored with myself - and therefore as a responsible party . "