Kim Hyun Joong - Biography

Full Name : Gim Hyeon Jung
Real name : Kim Hyun Joong
Popular Name : Kim Hyun Joong / Yoon Ji Hoo / Baek Seung Jo
Date of Birth : June 6, 1986
Place of Birth : Seoul, South Korea
Occupation : Singer, actor, and model
Instruments : Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Labels : DSP Entertainment (2005 - 2010), Key East (2010 - present),
                        Pony Canyon, United Asia Management (2011-present)
Years active : 2005-present

Gim Hyeon Jung or better known as Kim Hyun Joong was born on June 6, 1986 in Seoul, South Korea. He is an actor and singer from South Korea. Kim Hyun Joong had acted as Yoon Ji Hoo in the television series Boys Over Flowers. Besides Boys Before Flowers, Kim also has starred in several series even if only as a cameo as the Spotlight series, Hotelier, Can Love be refilled? and Nonstop. Kim Hyun Joong is a leader of boyband SS501 and leading style icon in Korea, he is also known as Jo Seung Baek in the drama Mischievous / Playful Kiss.

Kim has multi talents

Kim Hyun Joong Filmography
2011: Dream High (Cameo KBS2)
2010: Playful Kiss (MBC)
2009: Boys Before Flowers (KBS2)
2008: Spotlight-(Cameo with SS501 MBC)
2008: We Got Married (MBC-Ep 9-38)
2007: Hotelier-(Cameo with SS501 Ep 7 TV Arashi)
2006: Pi Story-(Voice)
2005: Can Love Be refilled? - (KBS2 Sitcom)
2005: Nonstop-(Ep 208 MBC)

In addition to drama and music activities Hyuan Joong Kim is also active as a host reality show

Kim is an artist who loved many women.

Kim Hyun Joong juga merupakan leader dari boyband SS501.

One of Kim's performances with his band.