David Beckham - More Handsome Longer Ride Harley's Custom


WEST HOLLYWOOD (DP) - While Bechkam Victoria and her children shopping at the luxury shopping center, David Beckham has a way to entertain himself. As news of Dailymail.co.uk, footballer of the club LA Galaxy is seen riding his motorcycle custom some time ago, in West Hollywood. Beckham was wearing a black leather jacket, sunglasses and brown pants, looks very cool.

Father of 4 children, even, was riding his motorcycle next to a tourist bus Hollywood Tours. Unfortunately, the passengers on the bus did not realize there was a football star at their side.

Before having this bike, Beckham was showing off a photo of a custom motorcycle that he likes on his Facebook account. He requested information to the fans if it's a motorcycle. Some people say Harley. Others say Indians.

Then, this 36-year-old man decided to have a motor that is specially made for him. A spokesman for Beckham said based custom motorcycle Harley-Davidson Knucklehead alert 1993. The Garage Company was tasked to Beckham for custom motorcycles. Beckham reportedly spend between US$ 35000-36000 for his custom Harley's.

David Beckham more Dashing

Custom motorcycle Harley-Davidson Knucklehead alert 1993

David Beckham its Cool