Lady Gaga died??


LOS ANGELES - Fans of Lady Gaga made ​​was shocked to find messages that mention their idol was found dead in a hotel room.

A fake news reports from the BBC began to circulate in the social networking site. Contents of the news links that mention Gaga killed. Once clicked, it turns out it's just a fake link.

Everyone was convinced by the link that reads 'Lady Gaga found dead in hotel room'. Then a sub headline that read, 'This is the most horrific days in American history'. Plus a small image that contains a BBC presenter, more and make people believe the news.

As quoted by Contactmusic, Wednesday (21/09/2011), according to the manufacturer named security site Sophos, this is not the first time the scammer acting up. Previously, artists like Jackie Chan and Hugh Hefner also a victim of false news of death.

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