Michael Jackson - Remains Hard Quickly Sold Out

Michael Jackson 

           Like several predecessors, keepsake items for singer Michael Jackson sells after his death. More than 45,000 items relating to the King of Pop began to be offered at the auction site, eBay.com, and quickly sold out. One is the domain name on the internet, michaeljacksonmemorial.com, which is expected to sell 1 million U.S. dollars. U.S. newspaper featuring Jackson's obituary on page one are also sold at least 99 cents.

          Of all the products offered by eBay, nearly 17,500 of them recorded music. Direct sales or auction items, collectible also includes Jackson posters, dolls, discount tickets, concert programs, newspapers, magazines, bags, pins, badges, sweatshirts and other clothing types. An electric guitar signed by Jackson offered for 10,000 U.S. dollars. Dozens of red imitation leather jacket worn like Jackson in the music video "Thriller" and "Beat It" is offered at a price hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.

 Changes in her face quite astonishing.

 When his face has not done surgery.

 The beat and shouting his trademark has always awaited fans.

 Michael joint Arab citizens.

MJ moonwalk style typical.

 Style on a difficult stage ever created.

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean