Fantastic, Adele will perform live at the Grammys

Adele will return a live gig on stage conferment top U.S. music awards, a Grammy Cup, after undergoing minor surgery on his throat last November. This is good news, but in October the management announced all Adele canceled scheduled public stage to recover his health condition.

London singer has never appeared again to the public stage after the operation took place in the U.S. "to stop perdarahanan of polyp that is not malignant."

Female 23 years was admitted "tremendous pride" could appear in the Grammy awards ceremony scheduled to take place in Los Angeles February 12 later.

Adele himself was nominated for Grammy awards in six categories this year, including the best recordings in the Album category for Rolling In The Deep.

Adele said in a statement: "It is a great honor being included in the night (Grammy), where also will be my first performance after months of it a fun but certainly also suspenseful, but a great way to get back (gig) again. "

In the U.S. music market this beautiful singer master record charts last year with Rolling In The Deep and later with his second album, 21. 21 This album became the best-selling album of 2011 sales reached 5.8 million copies in the United States.

In addition to Adele, the Grammy event also will be featured Sir Paul McCartney, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift. Rihanna will also be performing with Coldplay where the duo will perform the song Princess In China.

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