The uniqueness of Daniel Radcliffe in courtship

Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe has admitted to not like having to go out with her ​​boyfriend Rosanne Coker. Daniel admitted sometimes still nervous if there beside her lover.

A variety of funny things could happen because of his nervousness that washed over her that. Never one time, the star of the movie 'Harry Potter' was trying to kiss the lips Rosanne. But was so nervous, that kiss landed on her lover's neck.

"When I went to kiss dating Rosanne and at the last minute I lose my nerve and ends kissed her neck," jokes as reported by Showbizspy, some time ago.

The incident also had shamed actor was born July 23, 1989. Fortunately, his girlfriend did not have a problem with the uniqueness of Daniel.

"After that, I send an SMS to him to apologize and he (Rosanne) just laughed and perceive funny incident," he explained.

Daniel Radcliffe and Rosanne

Daniel Radcliffe and Rosanne