Splashy, Katy Perry Dating with background dancers?

Beautiful artist Katy Perry Katy finally decided to divorce after 14 months of marriage with Russell Brand. Katy is still busy touring amid rift household, reportedly was close to background dancers.

Rumors were circulating when Katy and dancer named Malik Le Nost were often seen together on the tour 'California Dreams'. Malik always provide strong support for Katy to face the problem of divorce.

"Since the tour began, namely the end of last year, Katy became close with the band and background dancers. They lived close together and all know that Katy is trying to get up, Malik also know," said a source tells Showbizspy, some time ago.

When traveling to India, the singer of 'I Kissed a Girl' is spending a lot of time with Malik. They often have a drink in the hotel bar until late at night.

Even when dancing on stage together, it seems clear that Katy can not take off his view to Malik. Malik also gave his eyes blink when on stage and give hug for Katy. Katy was seen clearly liked the attention.

"They explained that their relationship just good friends. But their closeness increasingly apparent," said the source.

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