Wow .. Jennifer Aniston Pregnant 6 Months?

Beautiful actress Jennifer Aniston is reportedly pregnant 6 months. Some time ago Jennifer was never expressed the desire to have children.

As reported by Look Magazine, some time ago, the news comes as it appears there was a small lump in the abdomen film star of 'The Switch' is. As a result the news she was pregnant was pushed to the surface.

It is rumored lover Justin Theroux is very eager to have children of her lover's. Some sources also mention, he can not wait to have children.

"He was such a spirit to have children," said a source.

However, recently crowned as the women most beautiful woman of all time by Men's Health Magazine was admitted to not want to rush to marry her lover.

"I do not have plans to get married in the near future. The ring that I wear when it's not a sign of our engagement," said Jennifer some time ago.

Jennifer Aniston