Offered To Do Marilyn Monroe In Playboy

 As reported by, some time ago, some hot photos of Lindsay previously had leaked on the internet. But it was not adversely affected the interest of people to buy.

Funding of U.S. $ 1 million, or about 9 billion issued by Playboy to hot pose of actress Lindsay Lohan did not seem worth it. Magazine circulation of rabbits bearing the January-February issue of 2012 to be increased dramatically.

In fact, the magazine sells in American urban areas like New York and Los Angeles. Many outlets have to order a back issue of Playboy Lindsay to agencies because of sold out in no time.

Not only that, a large increase also occurred through the sale and online subscription to the magazine's website is owned by Hugh Hefner.

In the photo made ​​the cover of a magazine, Lindsay posed as Marilyn Monroe. He is stylish without clothes and only wear black high heels. While the front seats covered in a red Playboy bunny-shaped.

Lindsay Lohan Offered To Do Marilyn Monroe In Playboy

Lindsay Lohan in Casual Clothes

Lindsay Lohan - Beautiful Necklace

Lindsay Lohan - Holding magazine