Travie McCoy is ready to accompany Katy Perry

Musician Travie McCoy, a former lover Katy claimed to be ready so the vent to Katy Perry.Seperti known that singer Katy Perry is going through a difficult time after her divorce from actor Russell Brand.

"There will always be a relationship between us, I am always there for him. When you had a relationship like ours, you will always have time for that person. Katy there when I get through hard times when everything is very bad," said Travie told Female First, some time ago.

Travie not want to see Katy saddened by her condition. Although he never finally able to continue its relationship with Katy, a friend of Bruno Mars duet on the song 'Billionaire' is also not sorry.

"Life goes on, I do not regret how it's all over but no more fuss. I'm always there for him, he knew it," he continued.

He did not blame Katy on marriage that only runs for 14 months. According Travie, Katy's decision to accept the proposal Russell in quick time is also not an error.

Katy and Travie dating in 2008 after the singer of hits 'Firework' that appears in the video clip Gym Class Heroes 'Cupids Chokehold'. Both were separated in 2009. Several months later, Katy establish love with Russell.

Travie McCoy and Katy Perry