Wow .. Apparently Brad Pitt Dancer Ever So driver

Something unexpected, it was before becoming a top Hollywood actor, Brad Pitt has been trying different jobs. In addition to being the mascot a chicken restaurant, the couple Angelina Jolie was once the driver of the strippers.

Pitt had to pick up the stripper and bring them to the party, where he had to watch the show and their security. Stars of 'Mr and Mrs Smith' it must also be 'secure' the clothes of the dancers so that the audience is not taken.

"It was an odd job. There is a place called 'Factory Works' where people are looking for temporary work. It says 'driver strippers'. I said, 'I've got a car'," he said as reported by Showbizspy, some time ago .

The 48-year-old actor was admitted to enjoy the former job. "There's a new girl there that night, and sometimes when you're driving, you start a conversation," he said.

Pitt also met with acting coach Roy London through the work. Now, Pitt has become a famous actor with plenty of money. But he never forgot his past.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt