This David Beckham Tattoo Meaning

The former Manchester United player is like to capture things in life that he felt impressed to write in his body.

Here is the meaning of tattoo David Beckham released Dailymail.

The name of his wife, Victoria, written in Hindi on his left hand and right inside. The reason is, if it is written in Latin letters, was too plain. Under Victoria's name, the words "Ut AMEM Et Foveam" so significant that i love and Cherish (which I love and respect).

In the upper back, an image that is intended as a winged male guardian angels. On top of that there is a picture of angels child's name into two, Romeo. Under the image of angels, names of children to three, Cruz. Being in the lower back, the name of her first child, Brooklyn. Meaning, that all the children guarded by angels.

Was the fourth son, Harper, his name written across the chest over David Beckham.

In the wrist, Love written by pigeon picture beside it, meaning he wanted to be loyal to a love like a dove.

David Beckham Tattoo