Russell Brand wants to be Investor West Ham United

Apparently comedy actor Russell Brand is a true supporter of football club West Ham United. Singer Katy Perry's ex-husband was also intended to be an investor club.

As reported by Showbiz Spy, some time ago, one friend of Russell's film star reveals 'Get Him to the Greek' has a dream to become one of the owners of West Ham United for a long time.

"Russell is a Hammers fan since birth," says the friend.

The source said Russell seems to want to live out their dreams in the near future. Moreover, the process of divorce with Katy now has reached the final stage.

"After separating from Katy, Russell now has more spare time to get to watch the game," he said.

Russell and Katy were married in October 2010. The couple decided to end their marriage in December 2011.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand