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Beautiful actress Zooey Deschanel woman perched on the top position of the most coveted by the men in the world. It happens through Ask Men poll made ​​in England.

Zooey just holds the status of this widow managed to beat Katy Perry and even Kate Middleton. Editor Charlie Parris also praised 'the development of taste' of the men who voted in this survey.

Three women who are top of Zooey, Emma Watson and Lana Del Rey deemed worthy to occupy the place. Especially the star Zooey '(500) Days of Summer).

"Zooey is very talented, charming, successful and beautiful. This year, we are seeking the development of tastes of the men in this election and turned out positive results were incredible," he told the NME, some time ago.

Actress Mila Kunis and model Daisy Lowe also rank the top five. Pippa Middleton in sixth place, four points higher than his brother beloved.

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