Wow.. Katie Holmes Topless in Ad Watch

Actress Katie Holmes pretty brave to pose topless for ad creation of a world company H Stern jewelry. Katie was looking very sexy in the ad.

Movie stars 'Jack & Jill' was only using half-open black bra with beautiful beach background. With her ​​hair loose, hollow body that was Tom Cruise's wife looks very beautiful jewelry necklaces combined with.

Some other photos are also seen 33-year-old woman in the sand bergeliat using only a white bikini. Topless photos, as mengeaskan statement recently that he wanted to go deeper into the world model.

The world of modeling is quite new to her. Now he was ready to try something to perjalnan career.

"I feel ready for the next chapter in my career. I'm excited to start a new phase," he said as quoted Dailymail.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes