Ridiculous .. Zooey Deschanel Follow One Contest

Zooey Deschanel, actress and a beautiful singer from the United States, admitted to the beauty contest as a teenager.

Women who were born on January 17, 1980 said, the contest was participated by accident. Initially, Zooey thinks the contest is a talent search contest.

"It happened when I was 14 years of age. I am stuck in a beauty contest, fortunately with no session wearing swimsuit (swimwear)," he said as quoted by Contact Music, some time ago.

At that time, he continued, all contest participants must provide musical entertainment at the beginning of the event, then answer some questions relating to social matters.

"I was nervous and scared when I realized it was a beauty contest. I think the show is a talent search contest. You know? Beauty contest is not fun!" I was star of this TV series New Girl.

Although uncomfortable, Zooey decided to undergo the contest until the end. "I'm not typical of a quitter, I persevered," said peremuan who sent a greeting card from President Barack Obama on his birthday this past mid-month.

Unfortunately, he failed to win the contest. "A girl who is good to play the violin that had a crown of beauty contest. Mother and my sister laughed at me during the contest," he added.

Zooey Deschanel